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Beginning Apr 2007, 17 acres of wasteland, 100 kM south of Chennai, India are being restored to be productive in water, food, energy and cash

Between 2000 and 06, I published GoodNewsIndia, a site which is still online [click the icon above]. Many of the stories I researched and wrote, nudged me towards the pointReturn project. More on this under the About menu

aka D V Sridharan

A note for long-tem followers of the pointReturn story. You may be wondering about the silence at this site. I assure you the pR idea is intact and work continues, but under changed circumstances. You may recall the project’s future was to be driven by volunteers, 3 of whom had joined it in 2010. In 2014, they left to work on their own properties they bought nearby.With that the experiment to develop pointReturn with volunteer help has paused for now.
I have come out of retirement and have assumed responsibility for pR’s future. I now work with 4 employees, two of whom are nearly as old as me. The current work is in cleaning up, re-organising and to begin food-growing.It maybe quite sometime before I update this site with all the work being done- but in the meantime, this is to assure you all that the adventure has not ended despite the setback.There has been some new thinking to ensure the land’s future after my time. I shall update you all at a later time.
-dv   Jun 2015


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What is pointReturn?

Since 2006, D V Sridharan [dv] has been trying to restore 17 acres of abandoned land into a productive one.

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  1. dear sir,
    this long silence at point return worries me. I hope and pray that you are well. i also visit farm -yeah time to time.
    i will be grateful you could let us know about current activities at point return.
    kind regards

  2. Thank you for your great post on Swales. After viewing Falling in love with Swales, I too fell in love with them. I had thought they were beyond my capabilities but that slide show made me realise I could have them. I already knew I needed them. I play the slide show over and over, I hope one day my Swales will be beautiful too. Thank you thank you.

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