“…the point is to return” says the tagline.
These are some of the ways of seeing that
Return to Nature
Return to your roots
Return to happiness
Return gifts received
And resources enjoyed
The point is to return

The name is also a twit on the phrase ‘point of no return’. The pointReturn campus hopes to demonstrate how a community may return to a sustainable way of life. The point is -sorry!-, there are many solutions to energy, food and water crises facing us today. But these solutions are not scalable beyond a local geography- and why should they be? Campuses like pointReturn should be replicable everywhere after due adaptation.
That would let the world stop well short of the point of no return.

It so happens the word RETURN is also a meaningful acronym: Restoration of Environment Through Understanding and Respect for Nature

In Tamil, the official name is “Thiruppu Munai” which means ‘turning point’.

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