Google Earth image of pointReturn in 2009

pRCampus.jpgI finally have the GPS fix of pointReturn. It is N:12.43344 and E:079.92525.

I logged this into GoogleEarth and flew to the site. Joy! There it was, very uniquely identifiable. The shot here will be the baseline picture with which to contrast the changes as they occur in the future. As the project develops, I trust this image will get greener.
By the way, I had spent hours trying to guess the location by measuring out distances and poring over the image for identifiable marks – and I had gotten within 0.15km of where the GPS now says the project is.

Google doesn’t photograph Indian terrain as often or as precisely as it does the USA or the G8 countries. You can’t see street signs like those of New York’s; with India one must be content with fuzzy images. But this is bound to improve. The picture alongside is from an elevation of 1 kilometer.

The shaded area in the inset picture is the extent of the pointReturn campus.

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