Prayer and worship

What form of prayer and worship will be admissible at pointReturn? These are such important aspects of a person’s life that their importance cannot be ignored. Here are some thoughts on the subject.
♦The official ‘religion’ of pointReturn is Nature and its spirits. The five elements, or the Pancha Maha Bootha- Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the Framework in which they exist, [often called Ether] are recognised to be sacred.
♦The method of worship is by collective care, labour, need based usage, reuse, recycling and respect for the five elements.
♦There will be no collective sectarian worship though individuals may practice their choice in privacy and without ostentation.
♦Sectarian worship may be alluded to in classical and folk arts like painting, music and dance. These will not be discouraged.
♦Songs sung by children will be devoid of reference to any individual, all-powerful god. Instead lyrics celebrating nature and its beings will be chosen. Tamil is the first language.
Am I being too restrictive? Let me know. We can discuss the issue.

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