A cottage for residents

Between mid-Jan and Jun, 2011 we built a cottage with two suites for volunteers who completed an year and thus became pointReturn Residents. Each suite was designed to have a living and bedroom but not toilet or kitchen.

The Final Score
Usable space: 360 sft
Total cost:Rs.98280
Wages to locals:50%
Industrial goods:35%
Recycled goods:15%

Volunteer ManHours:150
Volume of earth moved: 2,000 cft

Following were the objectives:

  • Design for comfort, durability and maintainability
  • Use of local materials
  • Least use of industrially manufactured goods
  • Physical participation by residents
  • Labour wages to stay locally
  • Low cost

The slideshow below shows you most of the excitement but not the sweat. Click on any picture to begin the slideshow [Pictures by Karpagam, Sriram and Siddarth]

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