On Sep 27, 2009 the new pavilion was consecrated. A homam was performed by the local priest between 4.30 and 5.30am. The day also turned out to be Ayutha Puja, when one worships tools of the trade.consecration3.jpgI prostrated face down in front of the waterhole from which the windmill draws. I think I don’t have to explain the action, given the drought we are going through.

The event was also to give thanks for the recent acquired assets: the 2,500 sft pavilion, the Yanmar mini excavator and the electric scooter that runs off solar electricity. These were spruced up and laid out for display. ‘No plastics’, I had said so mango leaves and coconut shoots were used to festoon everything. Saminathan’s young daughter made a rice flour fluid and drew exquisit kolams. Music was continually played at low key. Everyone bustled about with enthusiasm.

I was content with the expense and ostentation because I could sense I had put an end to whispered references to spirits hovering about, that may stake claim to the space if we did not formally consecrate it and declare it was ours.

We had invited every household in the hamlet Anna Nagar for a breakfast following the Ayutha Puja. Several showed up. Also present were about 6 well wishers of pointReturn from Chennai. They had come the previous night to cook and share a meal. They were the first ‘guests’ to spend a night at the pavilion, which is drawing raves.

pR’s ATeam was delighted with the events. We are now 5 that regularly spends between 2 and 3 nights every week at pointReturn. So we had to have ourselves exclusively photographed. In it are, from left,ATeam.jpgAnnamalai, Chellamma, Me, Raju and Shankar [the carpenter and lastest addition to the ATeam]

When it was all over, I sat down and shared with them a wow! fact: take the year to be 09 and not 2009, and add up the date. Gears whirred for a while in their heads as it went from 2+7+9+9 to 9+9+9 to 2+7 to 9. Broad smiles broke out and I was cheered and congratulated for a master stroke in picking that date. I didn’t decline the praise!

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