Open Source Offices

There are advantages for pointReturn as well.
♦There will be a core population of like-minded people using and caring for the campus
♦Operating overheads will be shared
♦After a prescribed number of years of friction-less residence, an OSO unit can send a member to a loose federation, from whose ranks members of the pointReturn governing council can be elected, This will ensure continuity after my time.
♦Many added services will become affordable because of spread of usage costs. For instance, Jamin Endathur, the village where pointReturn is located is 13 kM from Madurantakam town, where there is a big market, bus station and a train stop. Regular van [-driven by biofuel, of course!] service can be run for commuters from Madurantakam.
♦Designing and building the OSO facilities with local materials can itself become an opportunity to create and explore material and ideas.

We would be looking for a maximum of five resident NCOs with a maximum of 4 workers in each. How would we select residents for OSOs? We can begin with a short list of our own or consider a sponsor’s recommendation. Once the work sectors are in agreement with pointReturn’s outlook, there would be further criteria to look into:
♦There should absolutely be no government [Indian or foreign] funding of any kind to the NCO. It should not seek or receive [even if eligible] money subsidies. One of my vehement angers is the way a whole generation has grown up looking for hand-outs. Government encouragement is fine as also donations from private sources.
♦There should be a long-term plan to achieve sustainable incomes. All too often, organisations get used to living on sustained munificence.
♦There should be a reasonable amount of activity. An OSO cannot be a talking shop or somewhere to chill out.
♦There should be some active or passive payback to pointReturn, ususally physical help in teaching, maintenance or filling in when necessary.

Another idea to explore along these lines is for pointReturn to serve as an incubator for a nascent NCO. While a resident NCO has to be one of some years’ standing, a new initiaitive can get a early home at pointReturn. This will be particularly useful for ideas that need the use of a workshop.

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  1. hi,

    would love to come experience the place with my daughter and see how we could be a part of it, would you consider starting a permaculture course there, there would be people in pondicherry interested and we could have students from different kinds of schools.

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