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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
birds of point return
we are just around 15 kms from vedanthangal – a bird haven. that means we should be in a bird rich zone and soon as our trees and water bodies become registered on their route maps, we should be updating this current list.

1. indian mynah
2. spotted owlet
3. black drongo
4. partridge
5. sparrow hawk
6. white breasted kingfisher
7. blue jay
8. tree pie
9. coucal aka crow pheasant
10. palm swift
11. yellow wattled lapwing
12. brain fever bird
13. common babbler
14. pond heron

fly past
1. brahminy kite
2. open billed stork

occassional visitors
1. sun bird
2. common peafowl (mistaken for peacock in this post)
3. pied kingfisher
4. red-vented bulbul
5. small green bee-eater
6. pin tailed duck
7. little egret
8. cattle egret
9. white breasted water hen

in the neighbourhood
1. golden oriole
2. hoopoe
3. magpie robin
4. indian robin
5. spotten dove
6. rose ringed parakeet
7. white browed bulbul

there is no way that our point-n-click camera would be able to capture these beauties.
will wait for a willing bird lover to fill in this gap.

all data and info recorded by karpagam and sidharth.

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