Falling in love with swales

In a spookily serendipitous happening, Ringo hove over the horizon on September 1, 2009. A more befitting person could not have been sent my way: Ringo, aka Paul Kean, is an itinerant Australian, a Permaculture designer, a land surveyor, an earth works operator with 30 years experience and above all a passionate swale lover. How pat is that! Ringo stayed a few days at pointReturn and dug a swale putting out a virtuoso performance. What came out was a text-book swale. Pertinently for the A-Team, Ringo’s swale, as it has come to be called, needed no hand dressing. To boot, it turned out to be pretty too, as lovingly built swales invariably are.


7 thoughts on “Falling in love with swales

  1. Dear DV,

    Don’t know how it may help, but in watershed developments, CCTs need to be done on entire catchment area of watershed to get full effect. So, in your case, is it possible for you to do 1-2 swales on the west side outside of your property? The percolated water will benefit the borewell.

    – Kedar

  2. Dear DV, thanks for such a insight.. I have approached Ringo to check if he can visit my farm and help me in planning.. this is a great help and I badly needed this.

  3. Dear DV
    Wishing you and the team at point return a happy and pleasant new year. On reading, how can one not fall in love with swales? If Only a marginal farmer( if I may use that word)be educated in the virtues of swale, that would be more effective than policy makers groping around committees to implement. Thanx a lot for en lighting. chandrakant

  4. Dear DV,
    It is amazing how you get the strength to do such wonderful things. Obviously it is your love of nature that is making you do all these things. I wish you all the best for the New Year and may the swales give you all the joy that you wish for. Hats off boss

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