State of the rains, 2007

On the way back I stopped to take a look at the Jamin Endathur tank, around which all life revolved.
After a long gaze, feeling sedated I began the drive back.

I was on a 20km stretch through lush green fields planted for rice or peanut. The car slowed down all by itself. For an over-crowded India that we invariably imagine, there were very few people about at 5 in the evening. Presumably angered by my car disrupting the deep silence, a pandemonium of 30 or so parrots broke out of a tree and flew overhead. I slowed down to a crawl to take in the richness.

A man sat on the green berm with an ewe and two tiny lambs. I stopped. “I have been carrying the 2 day old lambs wrapped in this towel. Wish you were going my way- I would have asked for a ride,” he said. He held the ewe on a leash as the lambs suckled. We talked on about the good rains and prospects of the standing crops. He felt we had a good year ahead.

Then it happened. The ewe had been observing us and chose its best moment to break loose. Well if little fish can, why not lambs? The man was startled and then took off after the frolicking family. And they were all gone in a trice.

I found it hard to leave the place.

2 thoughts on “State of the rains, 2007

  1. namskar!
    i enjoyed the story of winter mansoon. for a person from north india, mansoon means heavy rain in july august, but i remember studying about winter mansoon in geography lessons during my school days, but only today i realized it is so real and important.
    i was expecting a “full upto brim” picture of the pointReturn pond of and an “elephant rock” bathing in it.

  2. So pleased the rains have favoured pointReturn and that you are managing to conserve what is freely provided. What a shame the main cities still allow rainwater to flow into the oceans. I was brought up with the saying ‘Waste not, want not’. How true that saying is today with regards to clean water!
    The photos were very enjoyable. Jamin Endathur tank looked so peaceful and appealing. The ewe and lambs really seemed to know the meaning of freedom – even if only temporary. Thank you.

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