A pond is born

Essentially, a 2m wide strip was to be left all around the pond area. This had been shaved of vegetation so that when earth is piled on to form an embankment, a good bond occurs. The embankment is to be about 1.5m high. Inside of the pond area outlined by the embankment strip, is a 1.5m wide strip left to remain as a berm. [If some of the terms are unclear please refer back to the earlier cited article.] Inside of the berm strip is yet another strip, 2m wide that is left alone while digging. This is the slope allowance.[-‘submerged’ by water in the pond in the adjoining illustration] After the pond is dug, its sides will be vertical which will lead to erosion. The slope allowance is the stock from which the pond will be given sloping sides. In sum, the actual digging began 5.5m from the outer line of the embankment. At pointReturn the area occupied by the pond system is 15,000 sft; the surface area of the water holding pit is only about half of that. Being 6′ deep, it has a holding capacity of 1.5million litres.

3 thoughts on “A pond is born

  1. Hello Mr.Sridharan,

    Hearty congratulations on your achievement. You cannot even imagine the effect of publishing these achievements on your blog in our life. we hope to emulate the same things one day and then will share our experiences with you. Honestly, I just pray that even a handful who read your site get inspired to do half the things that you are doing. Great job once again.

  2. Dear Mr. Sridharan,

    This is fantastic. Just like the several achievements of yours. The pond looks awesome, beautiful. Maybe not the finely sculpted stone ponds of the bygone eras but pretty close. With the majestic windmill watching over the pond this place is beginning to look gorgeous.


  3. DV,

    Congrats for achieving this milestone and many others before this…I am sure your experiences will be a beacon for many who are setting out to lead an alternate existence !


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