Planning a pond

When the DHAN team had collected all the data they needed, we left, had lunch on the way and on reaching DHAN’s office, sat around a table facing a whiteboard. There a prescription was made out for me with detailed instructions.
§»The area over which the pond system is to be located will be 0.43 acres.ponScheme

§»The actual pond area is only 0.24 acres

§»The difference in the areas is to be used to build an embankment and a berm.

§»The depth of the dug area is 6′ and the net capacity of the tank will be 1.3 million litres

§»The overflow will join the existing natural storm water channel.

§» An Entry Pond is to be located close to western fence. This is the point of entry of most of the storm water into the site

§» From the Entry Pond, water is led to a Silt Trap and finally to the Main Pond

Reverting to the schematic drawing, the irregular shape at lower right is the Entry Pond. Leading from its left is the channel to the square shaped Silt Trap. Over flow from the Main Pond is shown leaving from the top of the drawing, past the windmill. Details in the close up show the embankment and berm. An embankment is needed to contain heavy surges of flood water. The berm is required to prevent the erosion of the pond’s edges. Water is held only up to the level of the berm and not to the top of the embankment. The overflow spillway is accordingly located at the level of the berm.

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