One year on

Decision paths need not be linear if you can think up workarounds. Before I began the path ran as follows:
Culvert>Road>Fence>Bore well>Windmill>StrongRoom>Volunteers>Brick making. In practise it turned out this way: Culvert>Borewell>Fence>Windmill>Road>StrongRoom>Shelter. This latter sequence has now been done. The story of how the shelter was built in quick time out of natural materials will appear here soon, That was too was a child of disappointment experienced with building with cement and steel […more].

So I stand at the one year mark, a man much educated by realities of conjuring up dreams in rural India. If it were all very simple to bring off, would there be a crying need in India for these initiatives?

One thought on “One year on

  1. I have been regularly reading the articles in your site for the past 2 years and I am amazed at the passion and spirit with which you lead your life.I salute you for the grit and determination you continue to show in comverting a desolate piece of land into a showcase for sustainable living.The most important thing is that you are documenting your work in a medium like the internet which will be a reference for generations to come.All the best for your continued success and good health.

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