point Return

Month: May 2007

The land as it was: 2006

Click on any picture below to view a slideshow of my first visit to the land that was to become pointReturn project site. If you wish to know more about the origins of the project, visit the various pages listed under in the About menu Please upgrade your browser

The road runs its course

The story so far: in six days spread over nearly a fortnight, tonnes of debris and rubble had been ferried from well-heads nearby, to form a 2200′ long road. It was mostly rocky and lay as piled. The story ended with the intent that it would be compacted and then given a overlay of finer…

Aaraasur: an interlude

Sometimes the task undertaken at pointReturn seems too formidable. The fibre of a 64 year old is supposed to be tough but it often weakens. To survive such moments, I was given on April 29, a humbling lesson and a supply of motivation at Aaraasur, a tiny hamlet even farther away and more unheard of…

Forming a road

A newly formed road is always a precursor of change. Whether that change is beneficial or harmful is a matter worth studying. Often, it’s a trade-off between necessity and disruption. The pointReturn site is about 2200 feet away from a public road and I have just formed a private road on fields through which I…

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