point Return

Month: April 2007

India, browning

Even if you are not an environmentalist, it pays to be attentive to natural resources because they can affect your wallet and well-being. Modern economies depend on growth but they can be stumped when sustainability of natural systems is ignored. I may have waxed a little lyrical when I declared that at pointReturn, I proposed…

We made a picnic of it, though

On April 08, I began the day at 5.30am, picked up Venu and his three assistants and a car load of materials and equipment. Messrs Palani and Sridhar of Aureka [-the windmill suppliers] arrived from Auroville at 9am, Raju [-the pointReturn staff] at 10.30 from Chennai and Babu [-the reliable Reddiar] with Senthil [-the laughing…

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