The Grand Spirits of India

Led by people like him, Indians today are, as much a lost people, as a humiliated one, because we have been made to believe that our ancient traditional values are not relevant any more. Among those values were frugality, fear of debt, backyard gardens, respect for the seasons and the right things to do by them. Together, they add up to an ecologically sensitive life. Abandoning these, we seek to model ourselves on aggressive societies bred during the Industrial Revolution, with little hope of ever matching the muscular efficiency of the industrialised societies. No doubt the economy matters, and technology too, but because the environment matters most of all, all human action must be in service of the Spirits. Therein would lie a wholesome religious life. If instead we turn to the exclusive worship of mammon, as we seem to now, the spurned Grand Spirits will prevail and cast away man.

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